Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I was 18 and She was...Contd (Chapter 2)

The next day did come...and we gradually started talking. Things were going slow but steady. But every good things comes to an end and for me the the end was near. My exams were about to start and there came the last day when I had to say her good bye..I reallly did'nt know what to say and my heart was heavy. We came out of the tuition together and started walking for the last time towards the bus stand. I wanted to say many things , but all seemed to get jumbled and I was quite. She wished me all the luck for my exams and the moments felt like sand to me ..The stronger I wanted to hold it , the faster it was passing by. But I could gather the courage and said "U may not share it , but your phone number will really help me out to keep in touch with a very good friend that I have got very recently"..She paused for a moment and she did give it to me..

I did 'nt know what to do and I was jubilant..Suddenly the stars became brighter and life became so kind. The next 3 weeks were maddening with series of exams..On the last day of my Joint entrance examination (for which I waited so long) I decided to call her. I dialled her number and the same sweet voice answered the call. Her voice felt like a cold water after a walk in the scorching heat..The wait felt worth and we spoke yet again. I had actually left a cassette with her and requested if I can have that back. Thus we decided to meet the next week , when she was coming to the tuition.

3-4 days felt like a year and finally it arrived. It was first time for me to meet a lady alone..I was quite nervous and was not sure of what I'm gonna speak..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I was 18 and She was...

  Its 12 in the night..Loads of assignments left to be done. But could not resist in writing the first blog of my life. Away from home and missing my own Kolkata like crazy..Catching glimpses of my city  in Youtube and Bong TV news never seemed so sweet and good.
  There are some fragrances that sometimes make you remember something very special and you just can't figure out what is it.The smell of the Eucalyptus in the green campus tonight was something like that. And that's why I am writing down myself. It made me remember my days when I was 18 and appearing for my Higher secondary examination.
  I used take my English tution near my place at Golpark (Kolkata). I was in the science stream and so the  Shakespeares and the Wordsworths generally made no sense. But plus 2 certificates would'nt be issued unless I pass that exam. So "Private Tution" was the way. The first day I went , I saw that it was a pretty varied profile of students starting from class 8 till Masters..wew...But I was there just to take the notes and come back , mug up and pour it out in the exams..Thats it..
  Things went on cool. after one or two days I realized that there was this girl who used to be there in the tution quietly taking down notes. She used to wear Saree in a very conventional way and seemed to be in her early 20's. I never knew that Saree can actually make me weak on my knees. Every time I saw her, heart started to beat faster and a great chemical reaction used to rip my body. I did'nt know what , but may be when connections happen,  you tend to feel it automatically. It started for me..
  But the problem was that there was no way that I can start a conversation. I mean she used to quitely take down notes and go back and we were not even sharing any common subjects to talk about. I did'nt know what to do!!! In my dreams I had already taken her for a cruise to Alaska, but reality was unkind.
  One day , god was kind to me and we came out of the tution together and ..yes...WE SPOKE..."I am Rajashree"..Her voice sounded like the A minor chord of the finest of the acoustic guitars of the world. The vibrations went through my spine and I was speechless. Clearing my voice and speaking out my name seemed the most difficult task of my life. But we spoke.
  Walked down few steps and learned that she passed out from my school few years back and was pursuing her masters at that point of time. I was the most proudest person in the world. This beautiful lady in yellow saree with the cutest smile in the world walking alongside with me and I was on a high. We walked and we spoke. Don't think I made much sense but she patiently she heard all my senseless talks. But it was "time to say bye" and suddenly everything seemed so gloom...My maths has been strong..I was 18 and she was doing her masters..It hardly makes her 4 years elder than me..Big deal!!!and I waited for the next day to come..